Welcome to the New Age

Apr 08, 2015

Imagine Dragons says this in the 2012 song Radioactive. Now we’re not saying that there’s an apocalypse or anything so final, but we are seeing lots of changes in the way that we live in this world. We are bombarded with information and marketing and opinion and world events at such a breakneck speed that we as humans and our companies must learn to filter out what is pertinent and what is just noise.

Quartz Solutions was started in 2010 as the company Perception Marketing. Perception’s founder, Steven Jones, brought over 20 years in commercial, digital print and marketing experience and slowly and surely grew the business.

Our clients began to ask, can you write this funding proposal or blog for us, can you come in and help change our process, can you train my staff, can you help us with our new technology.

So we’ve grown and expanded our expertise and staff. As we tell our coaching and consulting clients, it’s time to change so you can excel in this new age.

We are excited for the opportunities that this new age presents, and we can’t wait to keep on growing and helping others and ourselves succeed.